Katanning Police Station set for a $1.6 million dollar upgrade to ensure safer transfer of prisoners

Tom ShanahanGreat Southern Herald
Katanning Senior Sergeant Carlos Correia.
Camera IconKatanning Senior Sergeant Carlos Correia. Credit: Tom Shanahan

Katanning Police Station is undergoing a major facelift in a bid to reduce the risks posed by prisoners.

Nearly $1.6 million dollars is being poured into renovating the Katanning station, which Senior Sergeant Carlos Correia said would help facilitate more contemporary policing while ensuring safer custody of prisoners.

“Our previous facilities were adequate as they were, but carried a risk to both public and police staff,” he said.

The main feature of the new upgrade is the construction of a sally port garage, a secure enclosure that closes and locks once police vehicles enter.

The inside layout of the station is also being altered, with a new interview room and expanded police offices redirecting prisoners away from the public and police staff.

Sen. Sgt Correia said the new facilities would modernise the Katanning police force when they were complete, but in the meantime, police were making some adjustments to continue operating despite the renovations.

“It is exciting but frustrating because there are a lot of disruptions,” he said.

“The general noise of the renovations during work is something we have to put up with, but we are happy to work through so we can get a beautiful and contemporary facility at the end.”

Other changes to the station include an updated carport as well as new showers and bathrooms for officers.

The station will also receive an Indigenous mural on one side of the station.

The plans for the station have been in place since early 2020.

Construction is scheduled to end in the middle of this year.

In about a month, when front desk works begin, Katanning police will move their public consultation space to a temporary command vehicle parked at the front of the police station.

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